1. How much does a fence cost?

There are many factors that determine the price. The 2 biggest factors are material type and total footage. We can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

2. Do I need a permit?

Depending on what city you are in a permit may be required. When the estimate is provided we will let you know if a permit is needed. We will pull any necessary permits.

3. How do I know where my property line is?

The best way to find out the exact property lines is to get a survey. Some cities may require a survey and may have setbacks or easements. We have a licensed surveyor.

4. How long does the installation take?

The average fence takes a less than a week from start to finish, 1 day to set posts, 2-3 days for the concrete to cure, and 1-2 days to finish. Larger projects may take longer.

5. Do all companies use the same materials?

No, some companies may use lower grades of cedar lumber. They may use inferior chain link posts, top rail and fabric that bends easily. Powder Coated is a cheap version of color coated chain link that will flake off after a few years. These companies know that most customers will assume they are getting the same quality products. They will not take the time to show you, or explain what materials they are using.

6. Do other companies use the same installation techniques?

No, some companies cut corners by setting posts shallow, dry packing or even driving posts into the ground. These companies know that most customers assume there is a standard that all companies will follow. They will not explain how they set posts or build your fence. If you get a price thats too good to be true, they may be cutting corners.